If we run out of sarcasm, there's some left over cynicism in the freezer.

But, we won't run out of sarcasm.


Dean being bisexual is totally canon!

Charlie’s reasoning for not being able to hit on a man?

They’re not her type (because she’s a lesbian).

So, who jumps in to help?


Because they are his type. 


I should go to sleep, but I just re-read Last Place Consolation.

This is a really fucking awesome (though explicit, and you should read the warnings) crossover fic between MCR’s Dustverse and SPN’s Endverse by toomuchagain in which the Fabulous Killjoys met Camp Chitaqua. Dean hates all the Killjoys, Gerard hates all the Chitaquans, and Cas and Ghoul like each other, more than the other halves of their messed-up, broken relationships would like to think about.

Of course, I cannot sleep tonight, so why not make fanart? I cannot think of a reason.