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okay so you guys know i was moving right, and I couldn’t find my ipod for the life of me

well i found it

at the bottom of my box of kotex pads


Looks like it wanted to be an


You know why we all love Oswin?


Because we are Oswin.


She sits in front of a screen with her keyboard to interact with other people. She lives in an imaginary world to block out reality. She wants to travel with the Doctor but can’t. She wants Rory to take off his shirt just because.

Oswin is Tumblr.

Some of Dean’s prayers to Cas:


Cas? Can you hear me? I dunno if you still got your angel mind mojo ‘cos I’m gonna feel like an idiot if you don’t but… I just want you to know, I’m gonna find you. Okay? Hold tight.


Hey Cas, me again. I’ve been kickin’ some ass down here looking for you. Don’t suppose you can muster up a little of that lightening you like so much. You know, just to give me a clue. I… It’s getting tiring, man.


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Now I get it!


I understand now.  Castiel DID hug Dean back. 

He just did it with his wings. 

wings are more intimatex



my mom and I were talking in the car and she said that the reason dean is always shoving free food in his face at buffets and stuff is because he learned growing up that when there’s food in front of you you eat it cause you dont know when you’ll get another chance

and sam doesn’t do the same because he never had to worry about food dean always made sure he had it


what if whenever the angels try to interrogate castiel about dean something like this happens

“tell us about the elder winchester”

“he is fond, still, of alcoholic grain-derived beverages. his eyes are the greenest colour i have ever witnessed outside of our Lord’s own garden. he loves deeply, viscerally, faithfully; he is loyal to the point of delusion. he sings loudly when he thinks himself unobserved; his voice is untrained, but sweet. he laces his left boot before his right always. despite hell’s tarnish his soul shines more brightly than the most magnificent stars in the sky. he starts at the back corner of every slice of pie, never the tip, which is bewildering…”

eventually the angels in charge put their faces into their hands and just kind of give up

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#i absolutely LOVED the way she played this line #because she sounded so distraught #because even angels who are creatures born to love and sing praises #even angels cannot fathom the depth of the impact dean has made on castiel #even angels cannot imagine how deep his love for dean goes #these are angels who have existed in the glow of god’s love for eternities and they still can’t understand it #lost because castiel has fallen into a love none of them can ever comprehend #she must think he’s gone mad #or that dean is some incredible corrupting force to have stolen her brother from her #lost because she knows and inias knows and all of heaven knows #where castiel’s loyalties lie now #and where they’ll lie forever #i almost feel bad for you hester #because you just don’t understand #castiel isn’t lost #he’s found

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