If we run out of sarcasm, there's some left over cynicism in the freezer.

But, we won't run out of sarcasm.

More Fun Facts!

I can’t go to City College next semester. I’m stuck at my old school. Hm… I don’t know what to do now. I guess I’ll continue going to school for free and get a bunch of degrees and maybe fall into something I like? We’ll see.

Oh man… I just realized that all those rules of mine that I broke because I wasn’t coming back are just… oy. *facepalm*

yo dont be giving away my ~SECRET RECIPE to tumblr

Ok, I think you need to understand who follows me on tumblr:

*Our mutual friends

*Drunks who wouldn’t make that because there’s not a high enough booze to mixer ratio

Also, the amounts were never specified.

Also, idk why, but my legs hurt to move. I think it’s your fault. 


You, m’dear, are the best. Ever.

Likewise, I’m sure.

Not trying to sound egotistical, but I actually think you might enjoy my Homestuck AUs. There’s this one, the new one where Rose and Eridan are sexy rival illusionists, the long-standing one based on 1860s sensation novels, and one that’s straight-up horror (which I’ve been working on for a year but has yet to see the internet). Especially if you’re starting to get into Homestuck a little bit as a few of your recent posts suggest.


Though, I mean, they’re all WIPs at this point? IDK.

Okay, so I’m just starting this adventure into the world that is Homestuck, and I will begin reading these immediately, BUT you need to meet my friend whose tumblr handle is marcinhates. I cannot believe I have never thought about this. But, you two would be SUCH good friends, and your response reminded me of that, especially the bit about the 1860s sensation, because if I had faith in any writer to pull that off, it’d be you.

Moral of this useless paragraph: marcinhates, manzanas-amargas, become friends! DO EET! ‘Tis important. Really super important, please just do this.