If we run out of sarcasm, there's some left over cynicism in the freezer.

But, we won't run out of sarcasm.

Sometimes I realize how mediocre my performance in school has become.

The unfortunate part is I do not care. Not even a little. I’ve given up on the caring. I’m just so passionate/upset/inspired by stuff that has nothing to do with what I’m doing in school that I just kind of neglect the things I should be doing. I think the main problem is I am (warning: my ego is showing) annoyingly intelligent. I can grasp complex concepts faster (and with significantly less effort) than most people can after studying and spending time to try to tackle them. It’s just true. So, I’ve grown outrageously apathetic. More apathetic than I was in high school.

I guess, I just don’t see a point any more. I want to be able to work a job that I find somewhat enjoyable, and will allow me to afford a tiny apartment in Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan (preferably with a roommate, because Ienjoy having a roommate/flatmate), and possibly a few other relatively minor expenses. Which, with my level of education, is possible. With my degree, no matter what my GPA is, I can definitely do that. I’m not looking to get rich. I just want to be able to live where I want, eat/drink what I want, and go to cons/hang out with friends without having to worry about having a negative bank statement afterwards. Again, this is all possible. 

I don’t know… I guess I should get my ass back in gear, but I have to start caring again, first. 

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